1. The game has to be at least five years old.
2. Players must be able to obtain the game legally.  Steam and GOG are good places to start.
3. If you’ve played the selected game before, you must choose a unique play through.  You can choose something as simple as playing the weakest character class or as complicated as the Gnome Journey.

1. Blog as you play.  You don’t have to wait for the meeting to tell us how you’re faring.
2. We like both full game reviews and short thoughts.  Whatever is your style.
3. Half of us have English degrees, so keep your thoughts together and watch those homophones.

1. We’ll decide on the meeting time and location as a group.
2. Have at least one discussion point ready for the meeting, whether it be your favorite mission or a half-baked analogy to an Ayn Rand novel.
3. Have your next game suggestion ready.  We’re a democratic club, and we’ll vote.