Game #5: Knights of the Old Republic

Hey there, GG readers.  How has your summer been?  Ours has been pretty busy.  Stylist tied the knot, SirMike clocked five weddings in June and July, Blinky moved, and I went to Maine.  And we all played a good amount of Diablo 3 in the meantime.  I hope you feel lazy now.

We didn’t meet to discuss Diablo 2, so let’s just pretend we did and move right along to the next game.  I’m excited because I never actually played this one, and let me tell you how much nerd cred you lose when you tell people that you never played KotOR (hint: a lot).

Release Year

Your character has to piece together their past amidst a war between the Sith and the Republic.  As you train to become a Jedi, you can choose to join the dark side or fight it.  Like most BioWare games, KotOR won ALL OF THE AWARDS, but, for modern gamers, it introduced us to their popular two-path system: will you choose the good path (save the babies and help grandma cross the street) or the evil one (eat the babies and trip grandma after you pickpocket her).  Its plot twist is one of the most notorious in gaming history, and its reception paved the way for the Mass Effect universe.

Start Date
August 13

Where You Can Get It
You probably still own a copy for your Xbox, but, if you don’t, Steam has it for $9.99.


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