Diablo 2: Hell is Where the Heart Is

Tomorrow’s the day of reckoning, I guess, and that makes this a good a time as any to post what I think of Diablo 2.

Still brilliant. Twelve years did nothing to diminish the appeal of whacking things until other, shinier things come out. Big surprise there. I did my best to level a necromancer and smite the armies of Hell with my own little ghoulish brigade. It got to the point where I attempted no action save gathering loot in the trail of my summoned mob and that was still deliriously addictive.

I’ve also tried out some other action RPGs in the time intervening my rehash of the classic and The Big Day:

  • I was invited to the closed beta of Path of Exile some time ago but only just recently jumped in feet first. I’m technically not allowed to talk about it, except to say that I’ve spent some ludicrous amount of time leveling my witch. At least as much time as I spent playing Diablo 2 these past weeks.
  • I played Borderlands some more and that really needs the sequel to come out. The aRPG mechanics in an FPS are guaranteed to flip everyone’s switches, but the obnoxious field of view is crippling. WHY AM I IN A BOX. HOW DID I GET HERE.
  • I went back to Demon’s Souls for a few hours, even though it’s not strictly the same kind of aRPG as Diablo. I suppose it’s been said enough by just about everyone in the world, but I love that game. Can’t wait for the PC release of Dark Souls this August.
  • Also not explicitly similar to Diablo, but I gave Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World a shot and decided that I would rather not continue the manner in which I played it. It is a good game. Give me your Wii.
  • I reminisced about my time with Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath when Stylist insisted that no one has taken advantage of the glaringly obvious design portfolio Blizzard laid bare with the Diablos. Local, same-screen co-op in those games was a blast. I wish I had a PS2 to play them right now.
  • I contributed to the Grim Dawn kickstarter!!! Those guys freaking nailed it with the dual skill trees thing in Titan Quest.

So, yeah, I think that’s it. Seven out of ten. Probably I’ve gotten more out of Diablo 3 than was intended or imagined by the development team or my Graveyard cohorts, and isn’t that really what gaming is all about?

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