Game #4: Diablo 2

I was born in 1991, what’s a Diablo?
Back in the roaring 90’s, before World of Warcraft was a glimmer in Blizzard Entertainment’s eye, they were known for two things, Starcraft (real-time strategy) and the Diablo series (hack and slash).  Selling millions of copies, creating millions more Diablo-widows, and singlehandedly doubling Frito-Lay’s stock, Diablo is truly a gaming hall-of-famer.

What makes the Diablo series great is the setting (gothic horror, not Tolkien high fantasy), online co-op ( hosting was revolutionary), loot (seriously, every monster is a walking piñata), and replayability (each time you enter the world, the level layout and the monsters inhabiting them randomize). Those four are pretty simple, but goddamn if they don’t pack a punch together.

When Diablo 3 is released May 15, it will be 12 years (!) since Diablo 2 came out. We will be playing it and its expansion, Diablo 2: The Lord of Destruction, to see if it still makes us want to skip class to run Pindleskin one more time. Some of us will be playing for the first time (tiamonster) and some of us the *sniff* last *sniff* time (Stylist), so join us as we prepare for the gaming event of the year (sorry Mass Effect 3).

Start Date
April 1, 2012

Where You Can Get It
Diablo 2 and its expansion, The Lord of Destruction, can be downloaded from the Blizzard Store.


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Poet, librarian, and video game enthusiast.
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