Ico – Final Thoughts

It only took three games to get Mama and Papa GG fighting.  There were words and fists and …

Ten years of research into the realm of nerds produced these results.

Mrs. Stylist provided “nerd fuel” for our Saturday morning meeting, so things didn’t get too out of hand.  The Mountain Dew and Cheetos made us quite nostalgic, so we played a little Tetris to start, but we soon dove into Ico.

Most of our discussion centered around Yorda and her place in the game.  Was she an actual character or a misogynistic tool?  We analyzed everything from the bridge scene to Agro the Horse but still couldn’t agree:

Tiamonster: “If you didn’t get choked up at the end, you’re not human!”
Stylist: “You’re an Uncle Tom.”


  • No one can deny the aesthetic beauty of this game.  When the camera rolls away from Ico and reveals the surrounding water and forest, it pulls you into the environment.
  • The silent gameplay.  Ico doesn’t scream at you or bash trash can lids together to keep your attention.  Its mild-mannered nature invites you to sit back, relax, and watch a story unfold.
  • The simplicity of the game, which we’ve already discussed.


  • Ico suffers from the awful mechanics of early 3D platform games.    Controlling Ico during the aesthetic camera movements becomes frustrating, and it’s hard to get Yorda to sit down at the save points or to finish her ascent on a ladder.

Other Findings

  • Sirmikeofross thought the monsters looked like Cookie Monster.
  • We were reminded of A Boy and His Blob.
  • Microsoft unjustifiably took sirmike’s original Xbox Live handle away from him for breaching terms of service, and he spent a week calling them to get it back.  (Also, his wife knows nothing about this.)
  • Stylist justified the fan outrage over Mass Effect 3 by comparing it to Froyo.
  • Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are damn near the exact same game.

Does It Suck?
No, but it wasn’t a favorite.


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