Ico: The Story, Part 2: Re-Opening the Gate

This is second part of my re-telling of Ico’s story.  See Ico: The Story, Part 1: Ico Meets the Fortress’ Family for the first.

Ico decides to ignore the mysterious woman, and, using the gestures and signals they’ve developed, Ico and Yorda work to first open the west gate and then the east.  Ico helps Yorda up columns, across gaps, and through a waterfall, while Yorda opens doors, creates staircases, and activates hidden walkways.

They return to the gate, which is finally ready to be re-opened.

When Yorda approaches the gate, the doors react with an electrical energy.

Ico is knocked back.  When he looks up, Yorda is in pain, rocking back and forth as the electricity runs through her and slowly opens the gates.

Finally, the bridge begins to move out, but she collapses.  Ico sits down next to her as she composes herself, and they look toward their freedom.

Ico takes Yorda’s hand, and, once again, they run toward the bridge together.  Yorda has used all of her energy opening the gates and extending the bridge, so she collapses every few feet.  Ico helps her to her feet each time, and they make their way, hand in hand, to to the center of the bridge.  The gates emit another shock of electrical energy that grabs Yorda and knocks Ico to the side of the bridge, and the bridge begins to separate with Ico on one side and Yorda on the other.

Ico climbs back onto the bridge, and sees that he is on the side of freedom.  As the other side of the bridge pulls Yorda back to the fortress, he jumps across the gap towards her.  The jump is too far, but she reaches out and grabs him before he falls.

Using the little strength she has, Yorda tries to pull Ico up.

She whimpers with pain as he gets closer to ledge.  A few inches from the top, a dark circle of energy begins to envelope the bridge, nearly engulfing Yorda.  Her mother re-appears in the center of the energy.

Her mother’s power overwhelms her, and she drops Ico, whispering something in her own language (“I’m sorry”).  Ico falls into the river below.


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