The Last Express in 333333333333DDDDDDDDDDDD

One quick additional note about the Last Express. According to this article, Paul Verhoeven is contemplating filming The Last Express. In 3D.

When asked whether he would embrace the challenge of director his next feature in 3D he said it would depend on the project and that he has been working with Prince of Persia game creator Jordan Mechner who wrote another game titled The Last Express, set in 1914 on the Orient Express. Mechner contacted Verhoeven to say that there was an enormous interest in the script due to its 3D possibilities. 

The man who brought you this, this, and who could forget this, is going to bring this riveting scene to the silver screen. In 3D. 

I can see this movie going one of two ways. It could either be made into a quiet murder mystery in a train on the eve of World War One, full of intrigue and social commentary. Or, they could play up the weird shit, like train-top knife fights and golden robot attack birds. I think I know which one Verhoeven will go for. 

Still, I’m all for anything that would bring more attention to this game, and, hopefully, an HD remake.  



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