The Last Express – Final Thoughts

Here we are at the conclusion of our second game, the point-and-click adventure The Last Express.  Our individual thoughts will roll in over the next week, but here’s how our meeting went.


  • The story was a runaway train of awesome.  You start out freight hopping, and, before you know it, you’re diffusing a bomb, you’re sword fighting on top of a car, and a mysterious golden egg turns into a bird and kills people.
  • Strong dialogue tied to each passenger’s personality.  You can eavesdrop on everyone, even when they’re in their sleeping compartment (trains have thin walls), and, when Robert Cath directly speaks to other passengers, it’s witty and fun.
  • The multitude of endings (and specifically, the ending) are great incentives for point-and-click fans.
  • You can light a cigarette any time you want.  Kinoub even lit one when she was was looking for a hiding place from the cops.  Unfortunately, as normal as cigarettes were in the early twentieth century, they still figured out who she was.
  • Robert Cath is badass.


  • The difficult controls and environment.  Nearly all of the doors look similar, and it was easy to get lost.
  • If you’re not a point-and-click fan, replaying the same scene sequence gets tiresome.
  • The puzzles aren’t that logical.  Who would think that, in order to get the good ending, you need to catch a beetle in a matchbox and give it to a schoolboy?
  • The game acts as a slideshow, so there’s no motion from screen to screen.  This plays a large role in the difficult environment, and you can easily end up in the bathroom a few times before you find the door to the hallway.
  • Some sound effects were just a bit too much.  No one wants to hear someone loudly slurping their drink throughout dinner.

Other Findings

  • MVP goes to sirmikeofross, who played through multiple times and was the only person to see the credits.
  • Tiamonster gets the Bad Ending Badge.  She never saw the credits, after all of that work 😦
  • Stylist gets the Hal9000 Badge.  His computer went insane, so he never made it out of the bathroom.
  • PhillyJacobs receives the Haters Gonna Hate Badge.  He hates all of our games.
  • Kinoub gets the Guten Tag Badge.  She knows why.
  • Blinky didn’t make it, so he gets the boring Absentee Badge.
  • While Tiamonster and SirMike exchanged stories on how badass Robert Cath is, Stylist thinks he might be Satan with his eyes that seem to modify people’s behavior.

Do you feel modified?

  • Kinoub and PhillyJacobs wondered how anyone in their right mind would replay a scene twenty times, while Tiamonster and SirMike compared notes on their 100+ deaths.
  • Kinoub keeps a tiny bag of dice in her purse for emergency indecision situations.  We each rolled her small, metallic D6 to vote from the six awesome games suggested for February.

Does It Suck?
No!  If you enjoyed games like Myst or The Secret of Monkey Island, this is a must play.


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2 Responses to The Last Express – Final Thoughts

  1. Vortex says:

    Awesome read ladies and gents,

    I found this when, in a fit of nostalgia, I typed “Last Express endings” into google. Now I absolutely HAVE to load it up again. I never got past Munich.

    Thanks all, I look forward to reading your thoughts on ICO. I never finished that either. Played through quite a bit of it without picking up the stick at the begining though which was interesting. perhaps one for your ‘unique playthrough’ rule. The Shadows learned to fear my mighty horns! And then they started flying.

  2. tiamonster says:

    Thanks, we had a great time with this one. I, personally, couldn’t stop replaying the deaths to find a better ending, which is more than I can say about a lot of games I play today.

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