Alpha Centauri: Part 6: Bombs Away

So, three factions left. We own a continent.

We occupy what used to be Gaian Island.

We have friends.

And enemies.

Lots of enemies.

Who have a MASSIVE army.

Yang has a million airplanes in just this ONE city.

The Hive has more planes than I do ground troops and probe teams combined. What to do.  What to do. Time for The Plan.

The entire game I’ve been focusing on building wealth, mostly to fund probe teams to steal units and cities. I could never buy out the whole Hive military, so that’s not going to work. However, I’m getting close to a victory condition, cornering the planetary market. I guess this means I put a space-Walmart in every city so the other factions feel indebted to me and capitulate or something. Problem with this is that it take about 15 turns for it to happens once you declare it and both the Hive and the Peacekeepers will come after me.

So step one is securing my borders from the Hive’s huge military by creating buffer bases.

Here are the buffer bases.

Next, instead of building up troops to go toe-to-toe with the Hive, and eventually the Peacekeepers, I stockpile missiles. Both factions would need to land their troops on the Morgan mainland with boats to stop me from winning the game, but a missile can sink a boat and all the units on board. Missiles aren’t any good for occupying, but they provide a great wall to hide behind.

The next step is the most fun. Being the wealthiest faction usually means you’re the most technologically advanced. At this point in the game, I’ve developed nuclear weapons in secret, and I’m the only one who’s got’em. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Using probe teams a mark the Hive and the Peacekeepers’ headquarters, top research, industrial, and financial base. Then, without warning (sorry Lal) I let the nukes fly.

Yup, ten planet busting nukes. Three for Brother Lal, seven for Yang. Here’s what they look like now.

What's left of the Peacekeepers.

What's left of the Hive

The Hive took heavy loses and is in no position to attack me.

I send in some troops and Mind Worms to mop up the Peacekeepers.


With Lal and Yang crippled, the final step is enacted.


Let’s check the score.

Mindworms in the Mist, I’ll take it.

Well that’ll do it for this replay. I’m glad you joined me to bring free market democracy to the universe IN SPAAAAAAAACE.


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