Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: I Am Not a Gamer

Hello, I’m kinoub, and I am not a gamer.

Sure, I love Bioware more than is healthy, I might have started playing D&D recently, and I bought an Xbox360 during finals week.  But I’m not a gamer, okay?  I can’t tell you how one game compares to another.  I don’t enter discussions about game styles, nor do I know what sandbox even means in that context.  I usually don’t know what games are about to come out, other than if I enter a Gamestop and they try to strong-arm me into putting $5 down on something.  I usually play older games that I bought used.  That brings me to my latest state-of-the-art game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

I feel like I have been playing this game for half of my life, and I just hit Level 2 last night.  Some cult is screwing up Cyrodiil, and I have to SAVE THE WORLD.  Easy, right?  Sure, but I just have to do 4,390,295,771 things first.  I’m not sure why Uriel Septim trusted me with the Amulet of Kings, or why Jauffre thought I was going to do anything but ride my horse around.  I guess no one else showed up to help.

The game seems very mid-naughts, and I have yet to be impressed by the voice acting (despite Patrick Stewart!).  I don’t know what is in front of me in this game, but I do know it will be unnecessarily complicated.  When I finish it, I will definitely have a sense of accomplishment for having stuck with it through my rampant ADD.  I might play just until the last boss fight and quit, just to irk Tiamonster.  (She loves it when I do that.)  One thing is for certain, though: I won’t move on to Skyrim until I have finished this game.  Famous last words.

P.S. I know a new Bioware MMO just came out.  Please don’t tempt me.  I am not a gamer.

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7 Responses to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: I Am Not a Gamer

  1. tiamonster says:

    Ha, yea, I never finished Oblivion. My PC was in his fifties and all of his stats were dropping, so I stopped playing. I DID EVERYTHING ELSE, THOUGH.

  2. BLINKY says:


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