Alpha Centauri: Part 5: Under Siege 3, Starring Stylist

Well the war continues. Morgan Industries is surrounded. Bible-thumping nuts to the West.

Tree-hugging alien-lovers to the North.

And head-in-jar-living-underground-like-termites fascists to the East.

Word has come over the wire the Hive has destroyed the last Spartan resistance, making me the next target.

Here we are, shoring up our borders, preparing for invasion and training probe (spy) teams to exploit the advantage we have over everyone, money and espionage.

All three of my enemies are dangerous ideologue psychopaths. Isn’t there anyone left on Planet that’s sane?!

Ah, Brother Lal, leader of the United Nations. Looks like he wants to unite against these nutbags. I hope by “reunite the others” he means, kill the others, because, uh, that’s what I’m planning on.

We’re Pact Brothers now. Big Business and the UN, what an uncommon union. We exchange tech and maps, open our borders, and coordinate a plan of attack. The Peacekeepers look to be a decent ally with a decent sized empire of their own.

Turns out they are embroiled in a war with the Believers, so I send some probe teams over to weaken Believer cities and turn the tide in my pact-brother’s favor. I turn my attention to eliminating the Gaians. I’ll have to move quickly before the weight of the Hives’ armies arrive.

At this point I forgot to turn on FRAPS, so I don’t have any screenshots from the following sessions. Oops. However this means I’m going to draw some pretty pictures for you.

I send some probe teams to flip two of the Believers’ northern cities while the Peacekeepers siege the capital.

Believer cities are the orange circles, the star is their capital.

While that’s happening I split my troops into two armies and sail North to the Gaians’ island. I buy off as many Gaian units and cities as possible, eventually leaving only their capital, defended exclusively by Mind Worms.

Like D-Day, only with worms.

The Gaian capital falls and Lady Deirdre Skye is captured.

That’s pretty dark, but no less than what she deserves. Soon after the Believers fall to the Peacekeepers, leaving just me and Lal versus Yang’s Hive for control of Alpha Centauri.


About Stylist

Poet, librarian, and video game enthusiast.
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