Alpha Centauri: Part 4: Hippies, Cultists, and Hives, Oh My!

Previously, on Stylist’s Alpha Centauri:

Well, we met the Believers, then stole their cities and deported their leader. Because that’s business.

Here’s where we currently stand:

After the war, Morgan Industries enjoys years of undisturbed prosperity. We prototype new weapons.

Make research breakthroughs.

Experience some oddities.

Discover a wealth of natural resources…

…and landmarks.

We learn more about previous alien civilization and exploit it for profit the betterment of all mankind.

And now, here we are, Morgan Industries.

The continent is ours. There is an occasional Mind Worm attack but trained and hardened troops make quick work of them. Terraformers are busy removing troublesome fungus. Things are good.

Until that tiny green rover washes up on our shore.

Well then. That’s an angry hippie. Really angry. SO angry. She lands a small army right outside my headquarters. What’s worse, this tree-hugger has trained Mind Worms. Hrmmm.

I’m sure the granola and yogurt rations Lady Deirdre Skye gave these poor grunts before sending them overseas is great and all, but at Morgan Industries, we put humans before aliens. Mind Worms give no fucks about Big Macs or new cars, but humans sure do. So I do what any sensible businessman would do, with my enormous wealth I buy off the human Gaian units, and use them to destroy the mind worms.

Given that I was just invaded but a crazy hippie, it’s time to explore beyond this continent to see what’s going on out there. So I send a probe team west to where the Gaians likely are to infiltrate their government. Guess who I find there.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy, you again.

You know, I don’t blame her for seething. Perhaps I can punt her over to wherever the Gaians are. Let them deal with her.

Haha, fair enough. Needless to say, she destroys my probe team and declares war (though we probably never stopped being at war I guess).

Meanwhile, another probe team finds where Lady Skye has been hiding.

And steals tech from her.

We also discover a proxy base on an island right off our shores! We quickly infiltrate and conquer that.

Right now, I’m feeling good. Throwing my weight around internationally. But perhaps I’ve been making too much noise, as now I’ve drawn the attention of the biggest, most aggressive army on Planet, the Hive.


Is that a threat? That’s a threat, right? I think that’s a threat.

I’m a businessman, and giving 1,000 credits to a head that’s probably going to use that money to stomp me sounds like a bad idea. But I don’t want a three sided war either, so I suggest a reasonable compromise. I’m rich, I can stand to lose 500 credits.

Well screw you, buddy!

So it’s war. I’ve got the Believers to the West, Gaians to the North, and the Hive to the East. My empire is strong, but I’m starting to feel a little caged here. If these clowns can launch a coordinated attack, I’m done-for. The Hive has already wiped out the University and the Spartans, that head doesn’t screw around.

Things are looking dire.


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