Batman: Arkham City – Stealth 101: A Lesson in Screenshots

In case you’re unaware, Batman doesn’t use a gun, so, when he’s up against armed foes, he has to be clever, using the landscape and architecture to his advantage.  Here’s a quick lesson in one of my favorite parts of the game.

This lesson will take place in the subway, after you get Ra’s al Ghul’s blood and need to take it to Mr. Freeze.  Joker sends some cronies to take the vial of blood from of you.

First things first, when we enter a room, we have to get a good idea of how many men we’re up against.  Let’s hide in a grate …

… and do a scan.

Crap, someone has a jamming device on.  Let’s locate him and take him out.

There he is!  We shouldn’t take him out from below, because we saw two men nearby when we jumped in the grate.  It only takes one to spot Batman, then everyone else follows in suit with their shotguns and machine guns.  Batman’s a little bulletproof, but he’s not a god.  Let’s use our grappling hook and go above them.


Do we have a good angle on our man with the jammer?

That's a negative, Ghost Rider.

Yes, the screen says we can glide kick, but, because there are an unknown amount of men with guns, that’s a bad idea.  There should be no fly-by’s in a stealth operation.

Let's hang out, instead.

Our first victim.  Wait until he’s under us, then slide on down and get him:

Inverted Batman bear hug!

Batman's against killing, but he's okay with crushing trachias.

This guy’s going to attract attention hanging there like that, so let’s get moving.

Shit, they see me.  Screenshots are hard to take when you’re running, so just keep jumping from gargoyle to gargoyle until they forget about you.

Now that they know we’re here, they’re going to be looking everywhere.

Behind you, silly.

It’s time to take our chances on the ground.  Wait for the man on the left to leave, drop down behind Bright Eyes …

Batman is also okay with suffocation.

Run away - RUN AWAY

suffocate him, and get the hell out of there.

(Guns.  They hurt.)

I like to keep the enemies guessing, so let’s do a different kind of takedown.  Find a nice, sturdy ledge …

… and pull someone from it.

That’s not usually how that process looks.  The game glitched and now the body is on top of the train.  BUT!  Our victim had the jamming device, so we can scan the room, now.

No time for a scan – there’s another one coming.  He’ll find the body and start checking ledges.  Let’s hide in a train car until he gets down and grab him from behind:

Grab and suffocate.

Batman can be considerate to his victims. He gently lays this one on the ground.

We hear two more men by the door come running.  Get on a gargoyle and grab one as he’s running into the room:

The final guy starts screaming about how he’s the only one left and he doesn’t want to be here.  He’s shaking and running from ledge to ledge.

Don't ever tell Batman you're the only one left.

With no one left to shoot you, it’s glide kick time:

No thanks. I'll think I'll stay here.

Nap time!

And there you go: one cleared subway, courtesy of Tiamonster.  Granted, I got shot a lot, but, you know, taking thirty screenshots while stealthing isn’t easy business.  Stop yer complaining.


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