Alpha Centauri: Part 2: PLANETFALL

So this is it, Planet close up.  Got some pink stuff growing to the North, some salad floating in that lake over there, our escape pod didn’t fall in the ocean. Prettyyyyy, prettyyyy good. We use the remnants of our pod to found our headquarters, Morgan Industries.

There’s no sign of the other factions and the comms are silent. For now, we’re alone. Luckily, a colony pod has survived the ride down with us and we have enough trained soldiers to make a  Scout Patrol.

We need to get as many franchises as possible up and running gobbling up as much virgin territory as possible is key here, so the Colony Pod is sent out with the Scouts and a second pod begins production.

In their travels, they find an alien monolith. Sadly, it does not turn them into Star Children.

Concrete evidence of alien intelligence. Not far from the monolith they make a second discovery.

We bring the artifact back to base (certainly worth a lot spacebux), but without a Network Node, we can little more than observe it. In the meantime, we found Morgan Collections close by the alien sites for further exploitation exploration.

Not long after, we make our first scientific breakthrough since planetfall.

As you can see, we’ve learned quite a bit about our new home. What’s more, the scouts had sent word that they had found a working rover from Unity.

By this point, our scouts have mapped everything west of the river and discovered quite a few alien monoliths. I’m beginning to suspect we’re living on an aliens’ graveyard. With this rover, we can explore beyond the river, push into the thick, pink fungas that covers everything. Time to see what’s out there.

The Scout Rover doesn’t get before we get word they’ve found something and they have live video. I ask to see it and



Conventional weapons are useless against Mind Worms because they use a psychic attack to paralyze you and then devour and/or lay eggs in your brain. Good times. The only way to combat them is to use experienced, hardened troops. this is a neat sci-fi wrinkle, but as a gameplay mechanic it’s brilliant. Essentially you have to build two armies, and make decisions on which to build up. Your 99-attack, 99-defense hovertank can be destroyed by a hatchling because they use a wholly different combat mechanic. This keeps them a relevant  potent force throughout the game.

Anyway, our boys performed well and destroyed the Mind Worms. Turns out we can sell their husks. Probably make space-burgers out of them or something. Yum.

Now lets go find some humans to sell them to.


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