Baldur’s Gate – Final Thoughts

Gaming Graveyard met and discussed Baldur’s Gate this weekend.  It’s our first meeting, so we took a picture:

Stylist, Blinky, Tiamonster, SirMikeOfRoss, and PhillyJacobs. (There's a tiny photo of Mrs. Stylist in the background!)

So, yes, we’ve concluded Baldur’s Gate and posted our individual thoughts under the Baldur’s Gate tag.

Here’s the rundown from the meeting:


  • Each area was clearly designed by hand.  Compared to modern games that randomly generate landscapes or re-use them, this added an element of love that we enjoyed.
  • Every once in a while, you’d come across a random and fun atmospheric element that had nothing to do with the game, like the Nashkel Carnival’s mage who summoned an exploding ogre.  If you asked him to summon the ogre enough times, the ogre would lose his mind and start attacking everyone, forcing you to slay it.  These sorts of tidbits go a long way to adding atmosphere, and we rarely see them in modern RPGs.
  • The little things!  Your party says funny things when you click on them.  Organizing and re-organizing gear and learning spells.  Pausing and un-pausing during battle.


  • You cap at Level 9, and low-level, second edition D&D is boring to us in 2011.
  • The bland environment.  Moving through a mod, we didn’t see much variation in enemies nor were the enemies interesting (kobolds, wolves, etc.).  In a town, everyone was labeled “Townsperson” or “Guard.” The area maps, while individually made, were your run-of-the-mill roads, towns, mines, and inns.
  • The difficulty.  There’s “too hard” and then there’s Baldur’s Gate.  Most of us admitted to using Drizzt on a regular basis.
  • The learning curve.  The game assumes that you’re familiar with D&D, so building a character and equipping your party becomes a guessing game if you’re not.
  • Outside of the chapter summaries, the story is very hard to find.  You can’t rely on your journal, and, as modern gamers, we can’t rely on our memories.

Other Findings

  • Sirmikeofross gets the Explorer Badge.  He may have only made it to Chapter 2, but he delicately explored most of the world.
  • Tiamonster gets MVP.  She made it to Chapter 8.
  • Stylist died all of the time because he didn’t understand AC.  He was rolling up to a field full of archers with a 12 AC on his fighters.
  • Blinky does a great impression of Peter Petrelli/Milo Ventimiglia, and PhillyJacobs thinks he should be the new Popeye.

Does It Suck?


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