BG1: Don’t bother.

Seriously. If you insist on trying something old-school, go straight to Planescape: Torment.

Everything about BG1 makes it feel like an assembly line. Just walking is cumbersome. You can only see about 200 pixels, vertically and horizontally, at one time, so you’ve gotta click and scroll, click and scroll. And reason forbid you should open your map to get a better view of your progress, because that pauses the walking. Unlike opening the inventory screen. ?!?

I was not aware that the level cap in BG1 stops you at nine. So maybe you can get a really good magic missile, but it won’t keep those kobolds from kicking your necromancing ass all the way to The Disintegrating Hand Screen. Speaking of which, who started this trend of playing a short movie every time you die in cRPG’s? I would like to tell that man that maybe breaking up the action with a long-winded, poorly-rendered GAME OVER screen is not such a great idea in the late 90’s.

This world-building is a travesty compared to similar games of that era. Uninspired environments much? A mine? Really? Fuck you, Bioware. Torment has A STREET THAT IS ALIVE — it moves and twists and snares unsuspecting cronies. And speaking of cronies, I was severely unimpressed with your characters. I found that the most devilish of bad dudes was one kobold archer. Straight outta the Monster Manual. Daggerfall has a cult of assassins that must kill or be destroyed once someone has performed the Black Sacrament.  #whatisyourmotivation

I really can’t say enough bad things about this game, and it has severely diminished my capacity to appreciate more recent Bioware titles, because I look at this and all I can see is how similar it is to Mass Effect.

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