Baldur’s Gate Final – F### This Game

So I’m gonna say one thing about Baldur’s Game: ITSUCKS.

Gaming has come a long way. I remember being a wee lass lad & finding Final Fantasy for NES. It was on sale! Awesome. I had first fallen in love with JRPGs after renting Final Fantasy 2 for SNES. I loved that game. I loved everything about it at the time. I thought to myself that FF1 would be as awesome. Boy, I was wrong.

First of all, you had to class-out your characters in the beginning. Okay, no problem. But then I ran into my first battle. That was when I found out that, if you killed the first enemy you targeted and you just so happened to have targeted that guy you just killed with everyone else in your party, your guys are attacking air. That’s weak sauce. Needless to say, I never played that game again.

What does this have to do with Baldur’s Gate? It has to do with early RPGs. Everyone else has commented on how it connected with pen & paper — tabletop RPGs. That’s all fine & dandy but the only experience I had with those was this one time at a day camp in sixth grade.  Some kid had some graph paper & we played “D&D” with a pair of six-sided dice. The kid made up the rules as we went along. Did I have fun? Sure. However, I got tired of being made fun of in class. I decided that playing dodgeball with my friends outside was a better use of my time.

Finding JRPGs was awesome to me. I got to fulfill my role-playing jones. Turn-based attacking suited my gaming skills. Playing these early games, though, are no fun to me. The frustration of learning the game took me right out of it. Learning to play the game wasn’t fun. To me, it felt more like a chore. The quest was not engaging. After my first battle, half of my party died. Sure, there were only two people in it, but that other person died. I barely got to know them.

Anyways, to sum up my feelings about this game, it sucks. I hope we pick something more fun next time.


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I'm just your average streetwalking cheetah with a hide full of napalm. Just a runaway son with a nuclear A-bomb. I am a pretty bad gamer so I'm sure everyone here at the Gaming Graveyard will own me in every category. I hope to bring some pleasure to your readings.
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