Baldur’s Gate 1: Chapter 3: I Fight Gangs for Local Charities and Stuff

Out of the mines and into the forest. We’ve lost some friends but saved the iron. The villagers can cross glass shovels and wheelbarrows made out of leaves off their list of hardships (not so fast, dysentery, you stay right where you are). After dispensing the King’s justice on Molahey and his kobold buddies, we uncover a letter from their boss in Beregost,Tazok.

Before heading back up the road I figure I’ll explore a little. As with most exploration in Baldur’s Gate, that was a big mistake. Everywhere we go we die. And not just one or two of us, but total wipes. We find a tomb and everything in there kills us. We find some hedge wizard and his flesh golems kill us. Go to the Gnoll Stronghold Tiamonster discovered and get murdered there too.

We take the hint and head North to Beregost to confront Tazok. We make him talk. Apparently HE has a boss that can be found in the bandit forest. Fair enough. Let’s go rough up that guy then.


The few enemies we can kill, we kill HARD

We head to the forest and quickly begin to fight our way in. It’s slow going, but we’re making progress. At least until the squadrons of archers with +1 magical arrows find us. They rip through us like wet tissue. I’d quit, but I have nowhere to go. I decide it’s time we fight fire with fire.

We have a handful of magical items, some we were going to sell and some quest items. We use it all. We’re going to take these bastards down. I hand out the +1 arrows and bolts we were saving for a boss battle, the magic wand, the magic boots, but keep the magic belt for myself. It’s a quest item, and I don’t want to lose it if someone dies wearing it. So I put it on. Then something strange happens.

Turns out the belt is cursed and turns me into a woman. And I can’t take it off. Yup.

Ms. Stylist

Hello, boys

But this is a blessing in disguise. All of my enemies and are looking for Stylist, the male bard, not Ms. Stylist. And I never did go back to the Friendly Arm in to tell that old woman I cleared her house of giant spiders…I’m saved!

So I sit back, let the archers make quick work of my party (the only witnesses to my transformation) and had back to town to live out my days in peace as a singing barmaid with a sweet cottage in Beregost.

The End.

And that’s where I’ll leave Baldur’s Gate. I found a lot to like in this game, but the mechanics of the whole thing just make is a chore to actually play. I’ll go into greater detail about my overall thoughts on the game in my wrap-up post.


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2 Responses to Baldur’s Gate 1: Chapter 3: I Fight Gangs for Local Charities and Stuff

  1. tiamonster says:

    You should have spoken to Blinky! He found that belt pretty early on and was a little upset.

  2. BLINKY says:

    I wonder what that ogre was using the belt for…

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