BG1:This Is an Ex-Cleric

I’m on Day 3 of a forced Baldur’s Gate binge.  I have Skyrim and Arkham City awaiting me, and, man, it’s sooo hard to play this when they’re sitting untouched.  Especially when I know that both Blinky and PhillyJacobs have abandoned it.

I was going to write about how I’ve been in Chapter 4 for what seems like an eternity, comparing its repetitive forests and mines to one of Dante’s rings of Hell, but, today, amidst a fury of frustration, I once again found a fun moment I had to share.

After four forest levels where you can’t rest (read: can’t heal or regain spells and must travel over two days to the nearest town approximately 763 times), I end up in another mine.  I travel three levels down (with very little patience) and discover that every route is blocked by a trap.  And, by “discover,” I mean, “my party walks over the trap and dies.”  All of them.  And not in the can-be-resurrected-later way.  In the the-attack-damage-was-so-high-they-are-immediately-obliterated way.

I stare at my screen for a second.  My rogue was useless, so she’s sitting at a Nashkel tavern, at least four days and multiple wyvern attacks away.  I haven’t needed her for a while.  My PC does have a Find Traps spell, so I cast it.  Now I can see one of the traps, but how do I disarm it?

I, loyal readers, am a genius.

My most recent party addition is a druid, and she can summon a wolf.  What if I send ol’ Rufus (my name, not the game’s) down over the trap?  He sets it off, dies, and Brienne (again, my name, not the game’s) summons him again later.

Go on, boy. There's a steak on the other side of that little red box.

It turns out that Rufus can’t set off traps.  I’m assuming there’s some second edition rule about summoning and it’s ethereal nature or some such nonsense.  At least my PC gets to keep her druid merit badge.

On to Plan B.

A few minutes before being frustrated by the traps, the game finally offered me a useful companion.  See, I had to take Brienne because this is her quest, which meant I had to give up Fat Brad Pitt, who is a paladin (ie. TANK).  I had to give up Fat Brad Pitt because a stupid cleric, who heals after battles but offers little during battles, takes up one of my six slots.

The game, probably sensing that I was about to Drizzt my way through the final chapters, gave me a fighter/cleric.  (And, dear Science, he is a dwarf.  Man, I love dwarves.)

The cleric is still down the hall where I picked up my dwarf.

You see where this is going, right?

Yes, we could use your "fighting spirit" at the moment.

Someone needs healing at the end of the hallway. On the OTHER side of the red box.

She walks down the hall and …

Cool, now where’s that fighter/cleric?

Come on back, pal!

I think sirmikeofross, with his awful in-game behavior, would approve of this strategy.  My good-aligned party?  Not so much.  Luckily, the AI only considers specific plot moments for my alignment allegience.


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