BG1: The Gnoll Stronghold Is a Toxic Wasteland

Baldur’s Gate crashed on me, so I guess now is a good a time as any to post.

I managed to grab this shot before its demise:

I took it amidst a WTF Moment and died shortly afterward.

First, notice that my PC, who is a druid and should know a thing or two about trails, took a wrong turn that left her in a bit of a pickle.  Did she backtrack and try to find everyone else?  Nope.  Just stood there listening to the noise.

This is one of the more frustrating aspects of the game, especially in the pictured level (Gnoll Stronghold).  There are tight staircases and walkways, and, when you have to navigate down/up one of these paths, your party scatters.  For those who make it to the end point, great.  For the others, a frenzy overtakes them, and they start scurrying in various directions, trying to get to the marked end.  The result is a split party, and it seems like, every time this happens, 14 gnolls appear next to the one lone party member.

I only own Paint, so take a look at the character I’ve crudely drawn a heart around.  This guy is great!  Not only does he look like he’s lighting a cigarette, but he has a hamster named Boo.  When you ask him to attack an enemy, sometimes he shouts, “Go for the eyes, Boo!  GO FOR THE EYES.  AHAHAHAHA.”  He talks to his hamster more than the party, but (as the character description reads) there is absolutely nothing remarkable about the hamster.  There’s even a quick slot for Boo – how cute is that?  He and Prism would make great drinking buddies.

I don’t know the guy’s name.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone’s name (except the hamster’s, I guess).  I know which picture correlates with the class I need at any given moment and that’s about it.  He’s a ranger.  He owns a hamster.  He screams maniacal things.  I think I’m in love.

As if you can’t tell from my random ramblings, I’ve been in the Gnoll Stronghold all day.  As in, it’s 8:30 now, and I think I started somewhere around 2:00 or 3:00.  It’s made me a little stir crazy.  All of my ranged members ran out of ammo and started punching gnolls and xvarts.  That’s hardcore and everything, but it makes for incredibly slow game play in an already incredibly slow game.

I was looking for Mr. Ranger’s buddy.  Due to the aforementioned awful party movement, I went past her about a dozen times before I got her.  She was in a pit down a very narrow log staircase (not even one character’s width).  Needless to say, my entire party square danced around the pit until I found the one clickable pixel to get them down into it.  I ditched my mopey mage (who actually says,”LIFE?  *sigh* What’s the point?” when you click on him) and kept the new mage.  Mopey Mage could only memorize useless spells, so I got a little overzealous when I saw SheMage had Magic Missile and something called Stinking Cloud.

At my first opportunity, I unleashed the fury of a second-level wizard spell.  The screen grab is the result: four party members poisoned, one party member humming to herself in a corner, and a brand new party member standing there thinking, “I should have stayed in the Pit Prison.”  Gnolls are big guys who apparently have big saving throws (er, wait, it’s second edition, so small saving throws?).  My party went down and the gnolls strolled over to SheMage and crushed her.

I have a lot of things to sell. (Unlike most DMs, this game actually keeps track of how much gear each character is carrying, and I’m at full capacity.)  I’m going to try to get the party back to Town #1 (again, sooo bad with names), which has the best store I’ve found.  I hope to one day level up and move on to Chapter 4.  I’m hoping it will have more interesting material for me to write about.


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