Baldur’s Gate 1 #0: What the…? What is this, i don’t even

‘Sup losers. Philly Jacobs here. Now, I don’t usually play these types of games. I usually I just game on shorties down at the 7-11 or at Rape’s Bar & Lounge. I’ve got the high score in Naked Photo Hunt and that Clown slapping game.

However, I’m ready to take the plunge into this World of Warcraft world here. I hear there are lots of hot chicks ready to do stuff for gold. I got plenty of gold. Acapulco Gold. For my vaporizer. Which was totally a present. Not stolen.


About celibob

I'm just your average streetwalking cheetah with a hide full of napalm. Just a runaway son with a nuclear A-bomb. I am a pretty bad gamer so I'm sure everyone here at the Gaming Graveyard will own me in every category. I hope to bring some pleasure to your readings.
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