Baldur’s Gate 1: Chapter 0: Insane Bard Posse in the House

It seems odd to be playing Baldur’s Gate right now, especially when I could be playing this, that, or the other thing. I shamefully admit this is my first time playing Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2. I’ve played Bioware’s modern offerings, Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but that almost makes it all worse, like watching the Star Wars prequels but not the original. So while all the other boys and girls open teh shiny pew-pew’s this gaming season I’m taking a trip back to 1998, when Bill Clinton was President and mp3 players looked like this.

Yup. Let’s get started.

The first notable thing is the character creation. It’s quaint how diligently Bioware recreated the Dungeons and Dragons experience. Character creation is robust (Gender, Race, Class, Alignment, Abilities, Skills, Appearance, and Name). Multi-classing, proficiencies, all in there. Old news for D&D vets, but these days it’s pretty much just class and skill trees, so this amount of freedom is refreshing. Appearance is interesting. No sliders turning you character into Sloth, instead you get portraits to choose from. I must say, they are great. Since I’m going to have this portrait staring at me for god knows how many hours, I’ll have to take this seriously.

Santa Dwarf = 

No thanks.

Fat Brad Pitt.

I mean in a game where you save existence (I assume that’s what I’ll be doing at least) I want to make sure that I choose a character that commands respects and can rally…

…the hearts of your party… defeat…evil…save…

OK screw it I’m rolling with this guy. I mean look at him, he’s like an Insane Clown Posse roadie mixed with an Alice Cooper groupie. This man is serious business.

The rest of my character sheet wrote itself. chaotic-neutral, half-elf, bard. Insane halfy rapper. Look out, Candlekeep.


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